"Dear Diary, here's my chance, today I am in awe"

2 min • Type: Essay

The title isn't original, I recently discovered , she has a newsletter that I highly recommend. I wrote this immediately after reading it.

All my favorite people create things.

But not because they have to create things, because they want to. Rather, they need to. They have thoughts and ideas and f e e l i n g s that need to be unleashed. Things that itch to be out in the world.

That creation can come in any form. Crochet, burlesque, paint -- I don't care what you're in to.

They see the world for what it is, and still take it in their hands and say, "wow, what majesty".

There's emotion behind how they communicate. They feel something, give it thought, and express it.

It's then on me to interpret that, knowing what I know about this person and how they feel their emotions.

Creation is my purest form. I have too many feelings not to make things and having people around me that share that is what I live for.